How to know which path is correct, when there are many:

You don’t.

You can’t know. Not if knowing means certainty.

Not if you want a guarantee of which path is financially, professionally, emotionally, personally, socially, physically, everythingly best, twenty years out, or ten, or even one circle round the sun from now.

Variables vary. They will not be controlled. And you are trying to collect them all in your tiny hands, trying to pin the ends of threads to the ground to unspool each as far as they go to see if they will reach to your destination.

You can’t anticipate the ways they will tangle, unravel, snag.

What if you try this today…

What if you listen to the sound of your own breath, and the quiet whisper of your heart, and just pick a path. Say, “This is what I’m going to do.”

If you can continue breathing your steady breath, go do it.

But if your breath catches or your shoulders tense and you feel a slump inside your chest—even if you think that ten years down the line this choice might make you gads of money, even if everyone says you’re stupid or cowardly for bowing out, even if you kick yourself every now and again for missing out—you know that going this route opposes something deep inside you and so you know what you should say about this path:

Not this one.


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