I have a friend who cannot help but rally people to kindness. If you are in a crisis, she makes phone calls to put you in touch with the people you need. She asks strangers for help. She gathers a circle of people who you didn’t know would show up for you. She does this over and over, as if it’s as natural as breathing.

I know a man who takes people’s ideas seriously. If you say something that contradicts his strong, thought-out opinions, he will hold your idea in his mind and examine it, as if inspecting every angle of a crystal to determine if it’s worthy to add to his collection. Even if he disagrees, he will hear you out rather than shout you down. He can’t not do this.

I know a woman who instantly sees the path to make others’ lives better and moves toward it—no excessive weighing, wondering. If you need to go to the hospital before dawn has cracked, she will put on her shoes and take you there.

I want to be all of these people in some way.

Although I can learn from them, I must remind myself that I am not them. Spending too much effort to copy someone else’s superpower might prevent me from remembering my own.