Thoughtless rest

The last several weeks have been some of my busiest at work in a long while. So busy that one morning, I rolled over in bed and asked my husband if he’d received the text I sent for the website sliders—before I realized that I was still half-dreaming. Working in my sleep.

When every minute feels packed with the pressure of things left undone, I tend to think and think—mentally drafting the next email while driving in the car, planning the next training meeting while cutting tomatoes.

Mid-week, I received the advice to practice thoughtless rest.

I couldn’t imagine how to do that. I can’t stop thinking.

The answer: Imagine you’re an unborn baby. You do not yet have words or images hidden in your synapses. It is dark, but you haven’t yet experienced light to even know the difference. You float, with nothing to consider beyond the borders of your own body.

Lie down. Close your eyes. Practice feeling that way for a few minutes.

I tried it one night. Best sleep I’ve had in weeks. I got up and the work felt easier.