Hear the tiny jingle

My brother-in-law is in experimental cancer treatment. We’re all hoping, hoping, hoping.

In the meantime, he eats food and takes his kids to the park and lives his life and posts it on Instagram. His feed shows his son on a swing, his baby climbing a stair.

In one 6-second video, his four-year-old daughter runs down the sidewalk.

She’s adorable, sure. But it’s his caption that stops me:

The cute little jingle I heard everywhere as she ran with her jewelry.

I watch the video again. I hadn’t even noticed the jingle.

Because I know his situation, I am probably projecting, but each picture, each little clip in that feed almost seems to be taking in every detail of the world and repeating a mantra: I love this, I love this, I love this.

I want to hear tiny jingles, to love the world that much today, cancer or not.