Audience of one

The weekend after I gave birth, a friend sent me a poem.

She’d written it months earlier, at a time when my pregnancy’s outcome was uncertain—capturing both my heartache and my hope. She saved the poem and sent it to me when my miracle baby arrived safe and healthy.

What made me tear up (beyond the beautiful words, and post-baby hormones) was the idea that my friend wrote her poem, knowing I would be the only one to read it. And even that was in question until my due date.

She knew the piece may never have an audience, but she created it anyway.

Too often, I forget to just write. I look too far beyond the page to the audience or the cover letter or possible venues for publication.

But not every creative act must be a Big Important Thing.

Our creations do not require crowds to be valuable.

Sometimes, you have the most powerful impact on an audience of 1.