In the new year

A few reminders 2016 gave me that I’ll carry into the new year:

  • You don’t have to prove anything. To anyone.
  • Be honest—especially with children. You can say the words, “I’m not upset” to a six-year-old, but if you’re lying, she’ll know it just from the way the air vibrates around you. Best to come clean.
  • Trust that overall, and given the right chance, people are astonishingly and persistently kind.
  • Pick up a book instead of your phone.
  • Remember that so few things are worth going into debt for.
  • Avoid envy. Other people’s successes are evidence of all the room the world still has for you.
  • Do the kind thing that crosses your mind, and do it soon. If you wait, the chance may pass forever.
  • Let people who see things differently than you have their experience without always trying to change them (and without rolling your eyes).
  • Go walking. Something about moving at a human pace under the sky dusts off your mind.
  • And this sounds cheesy but it’s important: love and love and love.