A brief creative pep talk from a 7-year-old

On a walk before bedtime, my seven-year-old talked about drawing and how she’s not getting as upset when she makes mistakes (which used to trigger major meltdowns). Between the sound of her voice and the golden light of our sunset walk, the moment felt like one worth capturing, so I started recording our conversation.

Here we are, right after she said, “creativity can be ugly and interesting.”


Me: Is creativity ever ugly or interesting for you?

7yo: Yep. I make ugly drawings and I do it again. That’s creativity.

Me: So what do you do with those ugly drawings?

7yo: I can turn them into something new or start over again. Like, say I made a dog with pointy ears and it looks like a cat. I can turn it into a cat by erasing some of the things I did and making them into new things.

Me: If someone’s not feeling creative enough, what would you tell them?

7yo: You are. Just make something that’s creative. Make something. Make something new. Make something bright. Make something beautiful. Make something ugly. Make something weird and cool.

Me: What if they feel like they don’t know how to make something cool?

7yo: I can teach ‘em.

Me: What would you teach them?

7yo: I would teach them, start with a dot. Draw a line. Draw another line. And see what it makes. Then you can turn it into something.


Make something weird and cool this week.

(Here’s more of the recording. Forgive the extra noise. I had no idea we are the world’s noisiest walkers: https://clyp.it/oxymjhgz)