Please ignore the morning routines of geniuses

After giving birth a few months ago, I found myself falling into each day and just reacting to what I ran into first (usually a hungry baby, at whatever-o-clock she happened to wake up). My days began feeling scattered and uncreative.

I tried to reassert a morning routine—but my attempts didn’t stick.

After some flailing, I noticed that I had ideas of what a morning is supposed to contain (morning pages a la Julia Cameron, or 10 ideas a day a la James Altucher, or any number of daily rituals followed by various creative people I wanted to mimic).

The only problem was, none of those habits were mine.

So rather than selecting the activities I would repeat daily, I started over with questions:

  • What feeds me?
  • Which wells need filling before the day rushes in?
  • Which actions will help my day feel like a net gain, even if I accomplish nothing else?

Those questions led me to a few brief practices that feel necessary, grounding, and personal. I won’t tell you what they are because they’re likely not the ones you need. Only you can know your answers to those questions.