70 summer days

At the end of this summer, I want to look back and see that I’ve created and not just consumed.

My husband and daughter finished their school year on Friday and now we have basically 10 weeks of summer before us. I love that these 70 summer days will fill with sunshine, vacationing, lazy time in front of the tv, games to play and pools to swim in and food to eat. I also know that my most memorable summers have included making things, actively learning, or exercising creative muscles. I want these 70 days to include generative experiences alongside the relaxation.

We have a loose plan: my daughter is learning to play the ukulele, my husband is studying calculus, and I aim to finish writing a book.

Beyond that, on each of these 70 days, I hope to stay open to creative opportunities I haven’t anticipated yet, to wake up asking:

What will we create?
How will we build our brains or our family or our community?
What will we add to the world today?


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