At the end of 70 summer days

Heading into my family’s first full week back to school feels like summer officially ends tonight.

So I’m checking in.

What did I make this summer?

Memories, stories, jokes, crafts, healthier food choices.

Progress through stacks of unread books. Headway on ukulele chords.

A new weekly family tradition called Ice Cream Sunday.

But what I’m most hopeful about is making space. I’m practiced in taking on too much, in crowding out the fun in my own life—and this summer has made clear that I can’t (and shouldn’t) keep that up.

Today, making space meant making ice cream with my daughter. Tomorrow, I’ll see.


I want know what you’ve created these past summer weeks, if you’re willing to share. Comments open. I’d love to hear.

4 thoughts on “At the end of 70 summer days

  1. I love following your posts. So here’s my Summer.
    I prepared for, participated in, and helped pay for Anne’s wedding to a great man named Will Christensen.
    We had two Yazidi men from Iraq (refugee’s) in our home for 10 days and helped secure furniture and clothes for them and moved them to a more permanent home.
    I walked ~6000 steps per day, giving good definition to my calf muscles. (I hope to have that definition move upward in my body)
    I was able to swing a golf club for the first time in about 3 years after nursing a shoulder problem. Best of all I did it with my son Daniel and he was actually a little impressed with my swing.
    I swam with Claire for over an hour at the pool by our house.
    I taught our puppy how to heel, sit and drop a toy he just retrieved.
    I made people cry happy tears by fixing their teeth. I did it for free to a lady who had lost her husband this year.
    I said, “I am a sculptor” out loud to some people that I had never met before. That felt really good.
    I read several good books.
    Thanks Kathy for helping me take a look at my summer. You’re always an inspiration.

    1. I love this recap of your summer. Looking back can be so useful. I’m especially glad to hear you can swing a golf club again and that you’re saying “I am a sculptor” out loud. Claire loved the swimming.

  2. My initial thought was one of failure, because I feel like I haven’t met any of my writing or personal goals this summer. And that’s how I have been feeling about life lately–like I have failed and lost something in the process.

    But thinking about your post, I realized that I have made things this summer : a connection to the place I live, a major transition for my family that will allow us to put down roots, and a friendship with a sister so many years younger than me that I have never known her deeply. And those things are very much worthwhile.

    1. It’s so easy to jump right to failure, isn’t it? I’m glad to hear that you’ve been creating something so meaningful this summer. That helps me remember that even when I don’t hit my word count goals, I’m still succeeding if I’ve focused on what matters most.

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