What are you waiting for?

Last weekend, I flew to another state to gather with my co-workers, who also work in other states. Together, we put on a festive, 2-day event for a few hundred of our company’s best customers.

One particular co-worker, I see in online meetings all the time. But I rarely get to see her in action. This weekend, I saw her do in person what she normally does online: answer questions, point people in the right direction, make them feel like the most important person she’s ever talked to.

Watching her, I realized:

I often wait to do good in the world, as if I’m holding out to have more resources or more know-how or more whatever-I-think-I-need to have a big impact.

She doesn’t wait.

She does all the good she can, right where she is, with whomever she is.

Waiting has its benefits. But when it comes to loving people, I’m not sure those benefits apply. I watched my co-worker, my friend, move from person to person all weekend, shining a light of attention on each one she spoke with. In contrast, I recognized my own reluctance, the arm’s length at which I often hold people, my hesitation to do the small, simple kindnesses in front of my face. Sometimes I wait to do the good that calls to me. Who knows why.

What might happen if we all stop waiting?