How far can you go in 100 days?

For years, I’ve wanted to learn and practice hand lettering.

But the little critic in my head hands me all sorts of excuses: you’re not very good, you haven’t learned enough yet, you don’t have the time it takes to really improve.

Tomorrow, I’m handing the excuses back and joining The 100 Day Project.

Every day, I plan to draw one letter. Just one. It might turn out mediocre. And I won’t know enough to fix all the flaws. And it can’t take a lot of time. But none of that matters, because each letter is a small step I wouldn’t have taken otherwise.

If you spend four minutes every day for 100 days, heading in a direction you’ve always wanted to go, where will you end up?

You don’t know.

But where will you end up if you don’t? You’ll stay right where you are.

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