Living a Creative Life While Being a Responsible Adult

Someone emailed me about this tiny blog.

Several people, actually, over the last year—saying thanks for some of the things I’ve posted here. Any time I’ve received a note like that, I’ve glowed for a week.

So I’ve been considering why I just stepped away in April. I didn’t plan to.

Many posts here read like a sort of creative pep talk, both for myself (and hopefully for you).

But since April, my creative time has been full. No pep talk needed. I’ve worked on a book and practiced hand lettering. I’m helping a friend launch her writing course (TODAY!) and a creativity course that I made myself. Instead of writing my way out of creative self-doubt, I’ve just been creating.

What happened in April?

From a creative perspective, nothing. But from a life perspective, so many good things. I sent the final payment on a lingering student loan. I made healthy, significant changes to my eating habits. I made some important decisions and set better boundaries.

Writers, artists, musicians, and other creative types are often portrayed as daydreamers—people who are late, disorganized, chronically drunk, or chained to their art at the expense of all else.

But those stereotypes aren’t sustainable.

More importantly, they’re often untrue.

The the more I care for all the other parts of my life with boring, responsible actions—making my bed, emptying the dishwasher, tidying my desk, going to sleep at a reasonable hour—the more space I give myself to grow creatively.

I think it’s possible (even preferable) to cultivate creativity while still being a responsible adult.

So I’m launching a course I’ve been working on to help you balance both.

The course itself starts in September, after summer calms down. But registration opens today because my friend Ashmae’s writing course starts soon—and we’re offering a discount for getting both. (Even if you’re not a writer, check out her course. She’ll help you tell your story, even if you don’t know what your story is yet.)

See my course: Growing Through Stone

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 11.56.03 AM

See Ashmae’s writing course: Mine to Tell


(Get $20 off if you register for both.)

You’re personally invited to join us!

Thank you for being one of the dear, dear readers who has stopped by here or reads my posts in your email. I hope you make your bed, eat some healthy food, and create something beautiful today.